Sex as a Metaphor to History

It is precisely two months before the election, so I have decided to begin this blog as a countdown for my new book set for release on October 3, 2020, titled: Sex as a Metaphor to History—Trump, 777 and the Thousand Years of Woman. This book is compilation, distillation and synthesis from fifty years of study into the esoteric secrets embedded in the Torah. The meaning of the word Torah is, Teaching. Every teacher wants questions. The method of learning Torah is through inquiry. After fifty years, I can answer all the outstanding questions. Please feel free to ask me. There is a place on the contact page.

I am very enthusiastic about this new book and I hope to make a big splash in the sea of confusion and get some people wet. My writings, and this book in particular, challenge the common perception of life taught by those with a vested interest. A little bit of light can disperse a lot of darkness. I intend to pour in tons of light and obliterate the darkness. This is the time when the 666 meets the 777 and as a result the paradigm shifts. Please check back for daily updates.

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