Living in LA

Living in Los Angeles has opened up opportunities for me to read Tarot. Though I have written a book about the Tarot, Kabbalistic Tarot published by Inner Traditions 2005, I have never wanted to make a business out of the Tarot since it is so closely aligned with the Torah (Tarot read backwards is Torah). Yet, I love to read the Tarot cards and take every chance to do so. Over these last three years since returning back to Los Angeles where I was born, left at three then returned seventy years later, I have met a few people who run clubs and sometimes have me come in to read Tarot.

I have always liked doing parties and I am always a hit. Parties open people to new experiences and in my opinion, bringing a spiritual discipline into a decedent atmosphere results in an art form. That’s how I started my career as a Tarot card reader in New York City 1995 at the Limelight, an old church with a steeples and all, refitted for drugs and chaos. Amid the cacophony and blaring lights exposing indecent provocative acts, something opens within allowing light to enter and epiphany happens. In Los Angeles, the parties are more subdued but rancorous nonetheless.

I became a printer in my twenties because I wanted to be a writer, then as a result of being a writer I became a reader of the Tarot. Reading and writing go hand and hand and it is only natural that one leads to the next. Usually writers read what they have written but I read books based on the Tree of Life written from Heaven, therefore I have developed the capacity to read the Tarot cards which are configured in the form of the Tree of Life. Everything I have written over fifty years is sourced in the Tree of Life.

Each person is a Tree of Life and I generally explain this to the people whose cards I read before or during the reading. One of the beautiful things about the Tarot is the ubiquitousness found in the cards depicting the human experience through the human form, a distinct language going right to the core, whose words are limbs or bodily functions. Also, the interplay between the genders permeates through the Tarot cards. In Los Angeles, many people are gay which has presented a difficulty for me because I regularly speak in terms of male and female/man and woman.

I like the challenge and feel privileged to be allowed access to a world requiring naked honesty. I know the Truth because I study the Torah. I explain to gay woman, there is no such thing as lesbianism because woman with other woman is not considered a sexual act, but just a normal love between women. To men I explain, having sex with a woman revisits the original androgyny of the first human being, which male with male sex lacks. Everyone is happy to hear, there is no sexual act deemed wrong in the Eye’s of God.

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