Prelude to the Eclipse

Scientists conjecture that (the likelihood) to find another place like the earth, anywhere in the universe, is zero. And yet, on our earth, full of all this life, there also happens to be an eclipse. Not just any old eclipse, a perfect total solar eclipse, where the moon, the disk of the moon precisely covers the sun. How can it be that there can be an earth like this?

One in entire universe, can also happen to have a precise total eclipse. If the moon was just a bit further out, it wouldn’t cover the sun; and if the moon was closer, it would blot out the sun. But it’s perfect, excactly in its place. So, I once knew an astronomer, and … that was his whole life: astonomy, and he didnt seem to have any kind of spiritual inclination, and I asked him once, “How strange is it that the eclipse could possibly happen?”

And he says ‘it’s so odd, so strange, so improbable, it is as if it was put there!’

And these are the two sides of understanding the eclipse: one, that it just happened, and the other that it was put there. For those that it just happened, it happens, it happens, it’s interesting, suddenly it becomes night. But for those who understand, that it was put there, there is much more to learn.

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