The Hermit

My friend came by last week before his trip to France to visit his father and spend the Jewish New Year. He wanted a Tarot card reading prior to his trip, so broke out my old deck of cards that I had long ago retired because the pictures where becoming indistinct. I am practiced at counting out my cards before a reading even if they have been laying fallow for a long time. A have a little table with a bend in the middle of one side plus covered with a golden sheath hiding the curve and causing me to be careful positioning the five divided stacks of cards.

Though he has had many readings with me, I insist on telling him what I tell everyone before a reading, The Tarot cards are a spiritual language based in the Tree of Life, a configuration replicated in the solar system, the geography of the Earth and the human structure and is therefore able to communicated a message from the soul which is carved out of a star, connecting to the human being through a tiny strand of light entering into the right hemisphere of the brain. After this preamble, my friend chose the cards carefully, excitedly then looked to me for an explanation.

The first card he chose was the Hermit card from the stack of cards representing the soul. The other nine cards gave him advice how to go forward and remain balanced but of all cards, I felt the Hermit held the message. For the few year we have known each other, I have watched through his readings go from very emotional with limitless expectations to more thoughtful until finally now he is going on a journey as the Hermit. The Hermit is older man cloaked and hooded in grey, holding a staff in his left hand and a lantern in his right hand.

The Hermit is searching the darkness for the High Priestess who is sitting at the head of twelve pillars with the crescent moon on her head and Torah on her lap. The Hermit is on a spiritual journey beyond emotions but not beyond thought. Now is the time to understand, to try to get to the essence before time runs out. When we journey into the darkness we can have no expectations, we use our own light to try and understand what is hidden. Leaving a couple of weeks before the New Year is a good time to rectify what remains unfinished.

In the end, we are looking because our soul is looking. The same soul engraved from a star enlivening the body to do the work of the soul. The soul is invested in the body because only through the body functioning on this physical planet can the soul get closer to the star. The soul is also searching for meaning in this dark place, the lowest place in creation where the human being exercises freedom of choice. The soul is dependent on the body; and the body is dependent on the soul—when we seek, we seek for ourselves.

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