A Thousand Years of Sex

December 13, 2015



The context for the hundred years of war takes place within the last thousand year period beginning 776 years ago when the Magna Carta was being issued protecting the liberty of free men. This event coincides with the beginning of the sixth and final thousandth year period in the  Hebrew calendar adapted from the ancient calendar of Chasdim, depicted as sex. Sex is the final emotion; scientists have discovered the sexual culmination of man and woman to be equal and indistinguishable in their orgasm. In each thousand years there is a culmination around the year 666; 1906 was the year 5,666. Einstein published E equals MC squared a week prior to this new year. 


In the of next year, the Hebrew calendar will turn 5,777; the difference between 666 and 777 is 111––the gematria of Aleph, the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet with associate number of one, which also means, Thousand.  In the summer of 2016, a total eclipse of the sun will cross America from southern Oregon to South Carolina, cutting through the bible belt and apexing over Christian Country Kentucky where the American mystic Edgar Casey lived. After the orgasm, comes the afterglow––A spiritual revolution.

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