Who are the UFOs

December 28, 2015






The plethora of UFO sightings around the world has brought the mainstream into the discussion––what or who are these strange anomalies? Football field long cigar-shaped mother ships, flying disks and donut shaped apparatuses are among the described sightings. Naza is silent as is the President––even more, why is Naza constantly being overfunded by congress? What is it they know, but refuse to tell. The ancient books speak about spiritual entities descending to the Earth and taking what they want. Four thousand years ago a decree separated the heavens from the Earth called Dor HaFlaga/Generation of Separation.


What precipitated this separation was the Tower of Babel, built on Mars but having influence until Saturn; after the destruction, the people who inhabited the Tower were left without bodies and will live forever but will not go on with the human beings destined to leave Earth in a thousand years. The malicious people from the Tower of Babel will do anything to destroy God’s aspirations for our world. Then there are the sprites First Man conceived while spending 130 years with Lilith at the beginning of human history. Also there are benevolent angels. To which group is Naza speaking?




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