You Don’t Need a Weatherman

December 28, 2015



Long standing barriers give witness the extreme weather, exaggerated by mass amounts of pollution in the air and water; depleted food and radiation entering the atmosphere through the holes in the ozone layer make life on Earth precarious, at best. Some say, this is the normal life cycle of a species heading for extinction, but there is another way to look at the changing dramatic climate that puts the weather into a positive perspective. The ancient six thousand year Hebrew calendar concludes with birth in 224 years; our time is known as, Birth Pangs––replete with volatility, blood and anguish. 


Birth is happening, not death. The books of prophesy foretell a time when the leaders look like dogs, the young disrespect the elders and murder is rampant. There are many signs to our time and many people aware that what is going on is spiritually instigated. Unfortunately, this birth is taking place in the corridors of the corporate hospital under the stress of war beneath the filthy cloud of smoke arising from the bowels of the earth. What can we do for this cosmic birth? Make the environment clean and quiet, have respect for the mother and pray to the Creator.

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