The Head is Dead

February 17, 2016



The moon of the month of Adar, this month, is the gateway to spring; in this month is celebrated the miracle of Purim––where the head judge, who wants to destroy the Jewish People, suddenly dies. The conservative movement is based on emotions and emotional issues like abortion, guns, religion and war but every emotion needs a thought to animate the body; now that the head is dead, all that is left are emotions––the body flaying about uncontrollably. Conservatism is based in dogma and doctrine––a strict unwavering reading of the Constitution, to the detriment of the American People.  


There are many signs in the world, in all aspects of life; like a bird flitting from  tree to tree awakening her young, so too is the Creator of Heaven and Earth is calling us to awaken to the plethora of signs and wonders––as the Hebrew calendar turns 5,777 when a total eclipse of the sun crosses America with foreboding, apexing over Christian County, Kentucky. As prophesied, In the End of Days, the end of the six thousand year Hebrew calendar, the world will change in the blink of the eye. Those with closed eyes will miss the blink. 

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