The 45th President

May 29, 2016


The number 45 is important because God’s Four Letter Name, Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey, when spelled out achieves four numbers related to four essential levels of creation: 45/Adom/Man, 52/Behama/Animal; the next two numbers, 63 and 72, related to the essence of the animal and the essence of the Man. Bush went to war in 5763 and the Mayan calendar ended in 5772. The current presidential election will happen a month after the 6,000 year Hebrew calendar turns 5,777. The number seven is equated with woman; the number 777 is a prelude to the seventh thousand year cycle quickly approaching.

The Roman man has conquered the world but now is time to lie down with the sheep and make war no more. The ancients taught, The last King of Rome would be named Irom/Naked because of the embarrassment his reign would bring to the people. Bush, in Hebrew means, Embarrassment but there can still be the Queen of Rome. The election of Bernie Sanders is an inevitable necessity for America and the world--a man represented through the 45th presidency bringing the world into the dawn of the Age of Woman, also known as the Thousand Years of Peace through the vehicle of compassion.

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