The Oral Tradition

June 1, 2016


Each generation is defined by their language as how they define the world where they live; some are cool and peaceful while others are intensely violent--but, each is defined by their language. Each generation beginning with the child asks for an explanation about reality. Where did reality come from and where is reality going? These profound questions are minimized as stemming from the fantasies of children who soon will matriculate into adults and embrace the big band--something out of nothing. The latest theory of creation has the universe made out of magnetic webs in the form of strings.


The String Theory is based on the numbers 10 and 26. Two thousand years ago the Talmud describes creation as resulting from two strings being sent out along a side of the loom then stopping abruptly making a descension of attenuated replicas of the original event--infinity’s sudden end. According the ancients, all things have ten components; they were aware of the Sun and the nine planets. The number 26 is the gematria of God’s Four Letter Name YHWH. Language is a description in metaphor. Because each generation is different, the language is different since the metaphor changes with the time.


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