The Expanding Universe

June 5, 2016



Scientists are baffled by the speed of the universe because the universe is speeding up. Something is drawing the universe apart. What could possibly be bigger than the universe? Either there is an immense vacuum (nature abhors a vacuum) or something much bigger than the universe. The Zohar-Book of Secret describes creation as being engraved from within the OreAinSof/LightWithoutEnd; meaning, a static, unmoving illumination made from infinite possibilities beyond physical and spiritual, woven seamlessly together in perfect quiessence. The creation of the universe, according to the Zohar written two thousand years ago, engraved the nothingness of space into this hard light.  

Instead of something coming out of nothing, nothing came out of something. Proof to this supposition is, the majority space of the atom is nothing; and even more so, the vast majority of the universe, 96 percent, is made from Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Our universe is not only a moment in time in the vastness of creation but time itself is also but a flickering moment before the vastness of possibilities embedded in the OreAinSof/LightWithoutEnd. The reason scientists are baffled is because they live in a box of their own making replete with man-made laws conforming to their ideas.    

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