Burn One for Bernie

June 6, 2016


Here in Southern Oregon where marijuana is legal, it is appropriate to burn one for Bernie. The way Nixon nixed the progressives of his time was to make this benign therapeutic herb into a class one drug felony. Many have suffered the horrors of prison for this privilege. Bernie represents the tenth generation since the Bal Shem Tov, famous mystic who brought the light of the secret teaching, the Cabala, to the simple people; for ten generations this arcane knowledge has filtered through earth until achieving a world-wide acceptance. The Jewish Soul ties Heaven to Earth, belying religion, politics and philosophies.

Now Bernie, by the virtue of being Jewish, is helping bring us into the new set of ten generations ending with the year six thousand­­--the end of the Hebrew calendar. Bernie will be the 45th president of the United States;  the number 45 is the gematria Adom/Human--the essence of the human being is to practice compassion. Hillary will get indicted and Bernie will be president by a large margin. The birth of this new era is before us, but like in any birth, the mother needs to push; the time has come for all of us to push.

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