Why We War

January 17, 2016



War is brought on by imperfection; each side trying to make things right by defeating the other side––the ultimate aim of war is peace. Peace only happens in perfection, otherwise there is constant turmoil trying to make things right. There is an alternative to war and peace, which is tolerance. A heavy hand evokes an equal response; might is not right––only true justice can resolve wrongs. In the end, God is the true judge. It behooves man to be tolerant instead of judgmental; since we live in darkness without light, God will turn the premeditated into accidental.


War is a male attribute coming from the man’s innate ability to produce sperm; the sperm fight for the one perfect egg––to complete conception. Through competition, the highest, healthiest, strongest sperm arises to the occasion. All who die in the battle of the sperm are absorbed into the woman, giving her strength and vitality; all who die in the field of battle pour their blood back into the earth but the earth weakens from the blood of death. In the end, so we are promised, murder will end and the impurity of death will be washed away.

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