New Year for the Trees

January 25, 2016



Every full moon of the winter month known by the ancient name of Shevat, is the demarcation line for the tree; today the trees of the world turn one year older––Happy New Year trees! During this time of year, the sap begins to rise in the tree; soon, budding life will appear upon the naked limbs as the new cycle of life begins. In the Land of Israel, where one of the 613 Commandments to the Jewish People, is to refrain from eating the fruit of a tree before three years, People planting today, the tree is one year old. 


In the beginning, the human being was meant to eat only from trees and not from the plants, which come directly from the earth; later, after the human being descended in statue, both man and animal fed from the same trough. Similarly, women have breasts on their chest instead on their stomach like other mammals––a unique sign. The beam of light from OreAinSof/LightWithoutEnd enlivening our universe is called, Atz HaChaim/Tree of Life. Whoever eats from the Tree of Life will never die. The human being is the final fruit from the Tree of Life brought into action.

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