June 30, 2017



I must admit, for decades life has been very difficult, causing me to draw in and not want to share my life with those who follow my work, but times have changed. Suddenly, in my 72nd year of life, windows of opportunity are opening and the sun is shinning through evoking this ebullition out of me—my blog.


I like the summer because there are many festivals here in Southern Oregon, which gives me a chance to go and give Tarot card readings. I have recently done two festivals: Mystic Rising in Ashland where I live and and the HempFest in Oakland, Oregon about two hours north. Ashland is a very feminine place and most of the reading I did were of women but the extraordinary thing was, almost every woman chose the same card—the Hanged Man, a symbol of Pleasure, the essence of woman. Just to clarify, the Hanged Man is hung by his foot, not by his neck and he seems in no displeasure. The card elevates the heart above the head—the symbol of Pleasure.



A number of women who I read expressed displeasure at the way men were dominating the herb industry, treating both the plants (the feminine part of the plant gets you hire) and the women hired to trim the plants like whores. My suggestion is for the woman to form a coalition and begin certifying farms as women friendly. Because the plant is particularly spiritual and feminine, men who treat the plant with disrespect, as a cash crop, seemed doomed to become asshole men. Strong men don’t disrespect the feminine. But other than that, what a wonderful festival; by the end my voice was a few octaves deeper—having done many reading, giving my voice a workout. 


The next weekend, I went to the HempFest which features about a hundred vendors all selling herb in different forms but because the weather was triple digits, the crowd was sparse, and as the day turned into afternoon and the blazing sun burnt the bare back, the spirit of the festival melted. The music was alright and I did get to do some readings and survive the elements without much discord. Thankfully there was a small creek behind the stage where you could take off your clothes and submerge in the cool waters. Nonetheless most people stayed until the end to support the cause of legalization of the sacred herb. The Torah, which has laws about everything, like forbidding and permitting different animals to eat, yet leaves plants are completely unrestricted. All plants are permitted.


I have begun documenting my travels by video and have been working on collaging them together. More interesting than what I have to say to these good people is what is their response, but in many instances, you just have to be there. I am leaving after the Shabbot to the National Rainbow Gathering held this year in northern Oregon, about five hours drive from Ashland, where I live. When I came back from the HempFest, I went to the Well Springs Spa to cool down, I met in the steam room a young woman who was going on about trees, so I inform her that there are actually four new years for each of the elements and the element of water is celebrated.


She invited me to come teach her class of children. I said, Sure.



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