Day of Orgasm

August 11, 2017



The Talmud, written two thousand years ago states, The greatest holiday of all the holidays is the full moon of Av (August) the month of the lion. Yet, there are no prescribed activities for this obscure holiday, said to be likened to Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement. On the 15th of Av, the Talmud says, the single women would borrow white clothes from one another, beginning with the highest social strata, then go out into the streets charming the boys to marry them. On Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement, all the married men wear a long white garment, the same garment in which he will be buried. 


These two holidays coming approximately 50 days apart represent the female and male orgasm—first, woman on the full moon of Av ending the year with orgasm, and then man who begins the new year with orgasm on Yom Kippur. The twelve months of the Hebrew calendar are divided up into six male months from the fall to the spring and six female months going from the spring to the fall; each half a year, male and female, end and begin in the fall—the year ends in orgasm and begins in orgasm. Between the full moon of Av and Rosh HaShana/New Year are forty-five days and between Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur are ten days. 


The number 45, through gematria, is the same number as Adom/Human; also the number 45 is one of the four permutations of the God’s Four Letter Name YHVH. The number ten refers to the ten components of the of Tree of Life called Eser Siferot/Ten Luminaries depicted in the sun and the nine planets, the seven continents and the three oceans and the human being built in three triangles plus the power to articulated thoughts from the mouth. The human being is known to be a small world, meaning the world is a large human being also governed by time. The present year is 5,777 years since the human soul invested in a physical body took hold here on the Earth.


The number seven refers to woman, the seventh day of the week, and is called the Shabot Bride, also known as Shekina. Also, three sevens make 21; the gematria of the futuristic Name of God is AHYH—this Name is to be revealed during the quickly approaching Thousand Years of Woman and of Peace, in 222 years. This year’s full moon just happened to be a lunar eclipse, seven days before the total solar eclipse crossing America signifying the end of male domination and the ascension of the long awaited Female Waters.


After Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement, there are four days hiatus until begins the holiday of Succot where one is obligated to sit in a thatch hut  beneath the stars and party for seven days. This is the only commandment of the 613 commandments given to the Jewish People that requires entrance. Also, during prayer, the Luluv/Palm Branch, looking very phallic, is entered into the Sukkah along with a citrus called Etrog, looking somewhat like a scrotum being held at the bottom of the palm branch where is a fixed myrtle and willow. Once inside the Sukkah, the Luluv and Etrog are then shaken in all four direction and particularly up and down.


On the Eighth Day is the final holiday when men and woman dance in circles to receive the celestial drop of semen from the heavens to conceive the new year, which will be born six months later during the seven day holiday of Pesach/Passover when the sea splits, the water brakes, and the Jewish Nation is born. Fifty days later she marries the Creator who gives to her the Torah/Teachings as a marriage gift. Then they start making love. The Ninth of Av the passion erupts into fire and on the 15th of Av woman orgasm. Then in the last female month,  woman returns to virgin and and the process begins anew.


Tuba Ave is the highest of all the holidays, because Tuba Av, the full moon in August, is the deepest expression of love.


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