October 4, 2017


I am really upset! Every time one of these senseless tragedies befalls our nation, the media and the experts all scratch their heads. What could possibly be the motive? Maybe the answer has something to do with our perverted sense of reality: A Big Bang coming out of nothing, coalescing into atoms, eventually producing stars and planets where life just happens spontaneously; then after evolving out of the apes for millions of years, life fizzles out after a short time of human history—returning back to the endless and vacuous abyss of nothingness from where we first arose 14 billion years ago.


This scenario is a deeply depressing portrait of the human condition. Under this reality, life is completely meaningless; senseless actions make about as much sense as any other action. The only alternative is religious dogma promising heaven for a price. Who is one to believe? Well, two thousand years ago an ancient knowledge was committed to writing, in Hebrew and Aramaic, called Zohar/Brilliance. In the Zohar is recounted and described the outer seven planets of our solar system from Earth to Pluto. The Zohar explains, this pattern of seven and three is exemplified in the seven continents and three oceans of the Earth and then again imprinted in the configuration of the human being made in three triangles plus the power of speech. Astronomers have only discovered Uranus, Neptune and Pluto during the last few hundred years. 


How is it, that the one planet in the universe displaying a fecund ability to support physical life in a delicate balance of temperature and atmosphere also sports an exact eclipse where the moon precisely covers the sun? This should be ample proof that something did not come out of nothing but rather creation is the product of nothing being drawn out of the something. The universe is engraved inside of the Singularity producing duality expressed in the spiral of time and space; the universe has never been bereft of light—and all the stars are but shards from the original engraving happening 266,450,000 years ago. And yes, we are the center of creation where the human be is able to articulate thoughts and thereby exercise freedom of choice. 


Everything the government has taught us is untrue, a lie, a fabrication of the facts. Every organization perpetrating these perverse ideas are directly responsible for these horrid acts of terror from people terrorized by these horrid theories meant to emasculate humanity, making us easier to control. I would like to say this to every would be terrorist: Neither politics nor religion are respected in Heaven, only the truth is respected along with the good works of humanity. The worse pain suffered after death is the embarrassment of one’s actions. The Creator, who is neither physical nor spiritual, the Creator of the physical and spiritual, is everywhere to everyone all the time. The Creator loves creation and if we wish to love the Creator back then we need to stop teaching are children lies and instead love our brothers and sisters throughout the globe. There is no other way to peace. 

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