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November 20, 2017

This week has been a whirlwind of change beginning with a dramatic incident. I had been sleeping in my ’86 Volvo station wagon parked in the back of Walmart; I tend to get up early in the morning and Walmart does not open until seven. The Talmud, while debating the definition of a good thing, concludes—a toilet is a good thing because of one’s need. I found a donut shop not far away that opened early, and so without even washing my hands first as Jewish Law demands, I drove to the donut shop and parked my car away from the store, towards the entrance of the parking lot.


 I jumped out of my vehicle and quickly began walking but I hadn’t gone but a few steps from the back of my Volvo when another car, driving quickly, almost hit me. instinctually, I put out my hands in front of me as the car whizzed by me softly brushing up against my palms. Life was almost over in an instant. The experience shook me to my core. I realized, just being on the road is dangerous but in the city, living on the streets, even in a car, is really dangerous. I did not have the money to rent a room but I thought, if I could just get a work space, that would elevate a lot of stress and I could begin writing in earnest. 


The Muse Rooms began two years ago in North Hollywood where I had already been directed to go through angelic intervention. I made an appointment and met with the owner who showed me through a maze of rooms interspersed with bathrooms and kitchens. The wall were painted in bright blue, verdant green, purple and burnt orange. There was also a common area where for $250 you could have 24 hour access with other creative people working on couches or on small tables—but, by members only. I joined immediately. By the end of the week I had rented a very small office in the back but much more convenient than my car.


While exploring the neighborhood, I found Wake and Bake, another club but this one dedicated to smoking the sacred herb. I also joined immediately. How nice of God to set me up so completely. In both places I meet new people who are interested in knowing what I am about. Yesterday a met a young women, tall and thin who was a movie maker and being a veteran of the army, was trying a bring awareness to the opioid addiction of veterans returning home by doctors prescriptions instead of allowing them the medicated on herb. When she found out I was also a veteran and what my story is, she insisted we go outside, sit in her car and do an interview. 


Everything happens very fast here, and I am loving it. I am surrounded by parks and a vegan restaurant is close, as is the metro line, 24 hour gym and lots of cool people milling about. After less than a month on the road I have found stability plus a kosher market a couple of miles away. I truly feel blessed. Last night, I went to the Terp Market at the Marijuana Museum in Hollywood and read cards for hours. I returned home late but satisfied curled up in the bed in the back of my car and sleep in complete peace and tranquility.





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