Settling In

November 27, 2017

It has always been hard for me to write while being on the road; the road is so completely consuming; every minute of your day is a challenge while the future is always short-sighted. As stability returns to my life and the tightness in my abdomen lessens, the inspiration to write has awakened. For a long time I have been pondering how to write a book about sex—not about how to have sex but rather the secret of sex. Finally, I decided to write it as a script for a course I intend to offer on Udemy called: Sex with Dovid. My goal is to write thirty, five hundred word essays each with a video at the end exemplifying the topic. 


I recently met a young man who does film and has committed to work with me on this project; he will make a movie and I will make a course and eventually turn it into a book—kind of backwards from the way things normally work. We are meeting on Monday to set up shoots. I have also joined Gig Masters who say they have a large call for Tarot card readers here in LA where people drive fast and things happen very fast. Talking about driving, I have begun to use the rail system and the bus along with Uber to get around the city. I just use the car for local errands, which has relieved a lot of stress from my life. 


You might say, I am settling in. I was born in LA and moved away to San Francisco in Northern California when I was three; now I have returned seventy years later. The smog of my memories is gone and people are generally nice but someone did give me the finger the other day because I was driving to slow or something. What can I say, I drive like my age. Tomorrow night I have a spot in a amateur comedy night. I am excited. Also, on the other side of town I have a student I am teaching Zohar. After the first session he said, The translation in the book means nothing, to which I concern.


Lastly, I have a new Tallit/Prayer Shawl. It is completely white with big thick knots where the Tzizit are tied. The eight strings of the Tzizit, a word who gematria (number value) is 600 has  eight strings tied to each corner with five knots making the value of 13—thereby performing the commandment to look at the corners of the garment and remember to 613 commandments. My old Talit, senile and heavy, thick with patches, has been retired along with my patched pants. I guess my patched bag that I have had 25 years might be the last to go. Maybe if I become famous I could auction them off for something to give away to the poor.


God says, better a poor man than a liar. Everyone who lacks money says, if they had money they would do good things but God says, Better a poor man than a liar. Sleeping in the car has become more comfortable to me and knowing there are nine thousand others in LA doing the same thing, gives me solace. Eventually, as the sand runs out in the world preventing homes for low income or any income family, people will have to get use to sleeping in pods.


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