The Ninth of Av

July 28, 2017


Since the six thousand year Hebrew calendar dating back to the first human being has reached the pivotal point of 5,777—indicating the transition between the six thousand years of male energy and the rising of the Feminine Waters, concluding with the beginning of the Thousand Years of Woman and of Peace—the fast of the Day of Mourning, the Ninth of Av, the day when both Temples were destroyed five hundred years apart, should be cancelled.


For two thousand years the Jewish People have fasted on this day, but the time of mourning is over because the future has become apparent.


The Ninth of Ave, happening this year on the first day of August is just three weeks from the eclipse traversing America for the first time in 99 years, at the beginning of the First World War but in truth, it has been a hundred year war with slight intervals of space to afford hope to that which is hopeless. The same Roman Empire responsible for the the destruction of the Temple is also responsible for the chaos throughout the world and particularly the Middle East.


The eclipse over America depicts the severing of power at the head of Rome.


The Feminine Water will cover the Earth, distilling from the heavens, bringing clarity back to the human being and respect for Mother Earth. Money will be evaluated as stupid, power to subjugate will be history, and religion will be an unnecessary evil. The Books of Prophesy, the Torah and the Koran, will be extolled along with other ancient traditions while the lion, Rome, will lay down with the rest of the world who will return to be lambs.


The Torah teaches: In the end, the Ninth of Av will be a celebration because on this day redemption is born.


There is a three week period, known as the Three Weeks of Sorrow, culminating with the Ninth of Av; there is a three week period between the Ninth of Av and the eclipse across America on on August 21 which happens to be the new moon when the month of the lion slips into woman—Virgo the Virgin. The time of mourning is over because in the year 5777 a number comprising both the Name of God YHVH/26 and the future Name of God AHYH/21, the shadow of the sun blocked by the moon will traverse America cutting off the head of Rome from their Empire.


No need to mourn anymore because the Creator, who placed the sun and moon precisely to make a total eclipse upon the Earth, will come and wipe away the tear from every cheek as we enter together into the Thousand Years of Woman and of Peace.


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