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January 28, 2018

Someone once told me, a writer needs to have other things to do besides writing. Unlike an artist who continually needs to work on stretching canvas mixing paints while a writer always has the letters of the alphabet ready to write. Also, unlike musicians who can endlessly practice notes, writers only write when they have something to say. But, I am very busy writing these days, which makes me extremely happy. Again, as an artist or a musician, one can readily find an audience for their work whereas writers require a commitment from the reader, which is more than just temporal. In LA people work in collaboration and this has been a great boon to my writing.


I am presently working on three different projects. First, I have begun to translate the Zohar into English. This has been done by others before me who translate the words but are ignorant of the concepts. I am learning a lot through this process and I am working with my friend Rich back East who is trying to understand the Zohar. He says, he is trying to get into my head; I tell him, I am trying to get into his head—together we are trying to get into the head of Rebbe Shimon ben Yechoi the author of the Zohar, written two thousand years ago.  


I am also working in collaboration with Daniel a young film maker, on a script I am writing for movie. It is a wonderful experience to be working in tandem on a common goal, I am writing and he is directing my writing. Like most things in life, the process is so much more edifying than the result. In this process I am trying to satisfy this ever-changing vision, so this has to be a fluid process. Lastly, I am working on a re-write of the famous epic movies from the Fifties called, The Ten Commandments. I am very excited about all my projects.The difficulty of my dilemma has become finding enough time to work on all my projects. 


Like having three wives and wanting to give your all to each one, I have been catapulted into the world of movies and have joined a group for veterans involved in the media and they send me invitation almost weekly for different events, a way to meet people in places appropriate to my skills. I went this week to my first event and met the cast of a TV show called The Brave and met other writers, saw a screening and listened to the panel of actors speak about making this show into a reality. They had obviously formed a bond and spoke highly of one another.  


It was cool wondering around NBC studio in Universal City hobnobbing with people in the industry. After all these years of constant moving, I really feel as if I have found my place, but I have felt that many times before. People like me are addicted to travel, moving and remaining undefined.

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