Prior to Vomiting

March 4, 2018

As a Vietnam veteran, I am dismayed and disgusted by the state of our government. All the blood spilled over my lifetime, from the atomic bomb a year after I came into this world until the present absurdity of life in America when the only good news is, the rich are getting richer. Shouldn’t we all celebrate. The human being is susceptible and able to be easily manipulated; the people with all the money hire hit men against the population to insure their way is the only way—together with religion, they torture the human psyche, turning man against his brother.


Doing this evil are a conglomeration of weak, egotistical and frightened to be alone people being led astray by those making war on God by subverting the populous for maniacal reasons. What to do about this dilemma is obvious—a non-violent revolution establishing leverage for the people through technological advances to apply power on those in power making our nation the first to be a direct democracy. Such an advance into the future will inevitably bring light to the other nations throughout the world. This is the calling of our time, but who will step forward and grab the reins and unleash this power?


True revolution has no leader, only followers. The purpose of life is to get close to the Creator and each person is a unique fit into the puzzle of life. In the previous world call Tohu, individuality was natural because each entity was completely independent, nothing needed anything else, and if they did, they just took what they wanted. From here was derived the animal nature, which was not really compliant with the human nature for compassion; to meld and fix these two natures together, the Creator made our world one of lacking—from here comes the attraction of the sexes.


The world of Tohu is denoted by the number 42 (6 x 7) because the attribute of sexuality was inactive because of complete independence, whereas this world is denoted by the number 49 (7 x 7) close to fifty, which is forever. Clinton was the 42nd president of the United States when Rome turned two thousand; now the ancient Hebrew calendar just turned 5,777 with 222 years until the six thousand years of man ends and the thousand years of woman and peace begins. When Trump was inaugurated, he was seventy years, seven months and seven days—he is the Man who is about to fall, but what happens when he does? 


The way to the future is unclear without establishing truths, which do not obligate the people. Like refuting the Big Bang and evolution with much more positive and sensible solutions. The Creator has created for us a beautiful playground of delights and look what we have done, thrown a shroud over the beauty to paved the soft contours with plates of gold. God did not create money, money is a curse. You know the afflicted ones, they are the assholes of the world; those who lack even common compassion. The sickness of our country is about to vomit into the world. Let us take action, now. Before things get messy.

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