Pluto to the Rescue

March 16, 2018

Twenty years ago, I received a transmission from Heaven, a formula, 365 squared times two thousand. Realizing I had stumbled upon an ancient secret and wanting to memorialize the occasion, wrote a short book, about thirty thousand words, explaining the importance of this new piece of information the world. In this book, written in 1998, when Nasa had just found the second moon around the planet Pluto, the furthest planet in our solar system, I predicted three more moons would be eventually discovered—and they were. Recently, the first spacecraft to pass Pluto, verified the five moons. I wrote the book and sent a copy to the Library of Congress.


I had forgotten about this time in my life and only recently remembered having written such a book and done such a deed; so I wrote to the Library of Congress. I could not remember the name I had assigned to the work but I wrote what I could remember and within a week got this response:


Type of Work:      Text


Registration Number / Date:

                   TXu000889937 / 1999-02-18


Title:             26645 : a new cosmology and world history based on the



Description:       129 p.


Copyright Claimant:

                   Dovid Krafchow, 1944-


Date of Creation:  1999


Names:             Krafchow, Dovid, 1944-




I am circulating the following letter:


My name is dovid but I go by Timeless. I was born in LA in 1944 then left three years later to be raised in SF. I have returned seventy years later and find myself living just a mile or so from where I was born. I have returned with more than a story, I have proof of another completely logical way of seeing creation from the beginning until the end. My proof is predicated on a transmission I received in 1998 leading me to predict in a thirty thousand word treatise registered in the Library of Congress, Pluto would be found to have five moons. Astronomers at the time only knew of two moons around Pluto. Now, we have flown past Pluto and ascertained, indeed, there are five moons surrounding the tiny planet Pluto.  


How did I know Pluto would have five moons? Pluto, a place so distant from the Earth was only recently discovered, not even considered big enough to be called a real planet, how did I know? For fifty years I have studied the Cabala, Jewish mysticism and have lived the life of a mystic, outside of society and religion. I have been in two wars, I have hitch-hiked 30,000 miles, I have written books—I am fluent in ancient Hebrew and Aramaic. And only recently, in the few months since returning to LA, have I truly realized the intent of the Zohar, the ultimate Jewish text, is a detailed description of creation, explaining how Black Holes came to be and why they are attached to galaxies in the skeleton of creation.


In the yet untranslated Zohar Chodesh, a detailed description of the outer six planets is provided, along with names and the entities inhabiting these worlds. The history of how water and life came to our planet is described and elucidated in non-threatening ways to scientific observation, even adding new information and credence to certain theories. The relevance of this discovery, along with the proof of a different way of examining creation by exhuming facts out of the light instead of darkness, is of maximum importance in our time. Our children are shooting each other, while the adults argue about the shape of the table around which the subject can be addressed. Perhaps, teaching our children nihilistic theories has something to do with the state of our society? Perhaps, the time has come to allow another, an ancient view into the discussion.


I hope you think this is a worthy news item.


Respectfully, dovid krafchow


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