Passover Coming

March 25, 2018

I have been reading Tarot cards at a lot of  parties here in Los Angeles. I even read in some pent house of a rich doctor. I was not impressed. In many ways rich people are overburdened with the expectation of eternal happiness. When anything brings a rich person down, they can suddenly change into a monster. To me, rich people are scary. Whenever I have gone people have shown me great appreciation; many people have promised to contact me later but none have with one notable exception—a very important exception. Her name is Channa and she is young woman in her late twenties. 


Her reading led me to ask, if she had a spiritual practice. She admitted she did not but ten years earlier she had sought to be a Rabbi and of late she has been wanted to rekindle her Jewish soul. I volunteered to be her teacher. They say, those who volunteer are the ones who don’t understand the question. But here, there is no question. A few days later she emailed to invite me to diner on Sunday with her and her partner who is also Jewish. His name is Yaakov. The only meaningful relationships I have had in my life have been through the vehicle of the Torah.


I have been studying Torah for 48 years, beginning with having to learn the Aleph-Bet (or Alphabet) and have spent much of my life studying these books of my heritage. The mystical is what drew me but all parts of the Torah are beautiful and illuminating. The knowledge is written in the books and I found no reason to consort with the religious other than an occasional Torah scholar. There are four levels of Torah: Text, Law, Metaphor and Secret. I am fluent in all four, even in the secret, known as Zohar/Brilliance. My skill with the Zohar has suddenly blossom into a new clarity.


An opportunity has arisen for me to teach from my home here in Mt. Washington, a few miles north-east of downtown Los Angeles upon this picturesque little mountain dotted with houses to maximize the view. I have no view, but I have seen enough. My little hideaway is blocked from the outside by a latticed fence. No one can see in. There is little kitchen inside and living room but off the living room is another room with large glass doors to the front patio. Rugs cover the floor and with a few more pillows I am ready to start teaching after Passover is completed.


I hope my new friends will come and share the Passover Seder with me, that would certainly be a nice way to begin a new relationship. There are many different types of relationships: man-woman, parent-children, boss and employee—but teacher and student is beyond them all. Parents give physical life; man and woman have pleasure—but, a true teacher teaches that which can be brought into heaven after life is over and extends the effect of the teacher long after he has departed this world. I am very much looking forward to Sunday.

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