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May 13, 2018

My idea of having a workshop has yet to work out because of my perpetual problem, I do not have an audience for my work, yet. I am working on this. In the meantime I am finishing a long novel which I started a few years ago but then as I got towards the end, I found that I was unsure what the end really was, in the end. So, I have begun from the beginning so I can go through the whole manuscript before having to end the book. Writing, like all the other arts, is organic because art is creative and the Creator created everything ready to grow and expand because the Creator loves new.Not only is the process of creating organic but the life the artists lives is also often as chaotic as the work. 


A writer needs to have a memory, whereas other artists rely upon emotions and feelings, the writer relies on the mind to remember. The painter does not remember the color but the writer must remember the word. There are visual arts and there are audio arts but writing combines the two through the vehicle of the word; writing is incremental like sound, and at the same time, writing captures the entirety of the picture—writing is the first art because the first information of creation was engraved inside of a rock. Later, the rock burst with sound and sight.


Written words emanate from the mind, whereas sound resonates from the heart and sight registers through the eyes. The mind is the highest spiritual part of the body, connecting directly to the soul; because the feet of the soul are continually running inside of the mind, the thoughts never end. Sometimes, I can write the word before I actually think the word. Though it is true, the mind connects directly to the soul, nonetheless, the heart connects directly to God. The soul is carved out from a star and connects through a thin line of light to the right side of the brain—but God connects directly to the heart.


Truly, creativity can be found in every human endeavor because as the ancients taught, If one wishes to become wise, they should find an occupation to love and do the work for a long time and in the end you will become wise, since wisdom is everywhere. Creativity is constantly striving for new because God loves new. The artist is like a child constantly bringing a new piece of work to the parent, who loves each one. The relationship between the human being and God is more than the Heaven and the Earth. Every human being on planet Earth is precious before God. If that was common knowledge, there would be no poverty and hunger and certainly no war.


No matter how much I dislike running after money, if I want to remain in this house, I must turn my abilities into cash. Because, after a lifetime of moving, I have finally found a place to stay, if I can afford the rent.

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