May 19, 2018

I did my first workshop this week for one person. During the workshop I pointed out to Alan, the card named The Fool has the number zero; as an explanation of the meaning, I told him, “The distance between zero and one is greater than the distance from one to infinity because going from nothing to something is beyond all logic.” When he left he reminded me, I had been at zero until he came. Now that the biggest chasm has been bridged, zero to one, a new reality has set in. Two days later I got my second client who will come Monday evening. 


In the Hebrew calendar, this weekend is the culmination of 49 days, seven times seven as in seven weeks, preceding the holiday of Shavuot celebrating the giving of theTorah, the Five Books through the intercession of the first prophet Moshe 3500 years ago followed by the seven days of fullness. This holiday is considered the wedding between the Jewish People and the Creator who go us the Torah encapsulating the 613 Commandments as wedding gift. First comes Shabbat followed by two days of the holiday Shavuot, beginning Saturday night. The custom is to stay up all night and study Torah.


The funny thing is, Shavuot is a one day holiday but we celebrate two days because, even though God gave the Torah on the sixth day of the month of Sivan, the Jewish People did not receive the Torah until the seventh day because the bride was late. But, the bride is always late, even God had to wait. Another thing about Shavuot  is, we eat dairy in the morning because the laws of slaughter had yet to be assimilated by the people. This is the fiftieth day since going out of slavery during Passover, which is compared to the birth and the beginning of the six months of the feminine part of the year.


This half of the year begins with birth, then goes to marriage then later in the summer into divorce when the Temple was burned down; but, afterwards comes the last month, the month of Virgo when she returns back to her youth and the new year begins with the male part of the year. Living with the holidays is a constant movement of the spiral of time. The older we get, the closer we come to our finality on planet Earth, but the consciousness does not die, instead one is forced to give witness to the deeds of their life.


For nearly fifty years, I have been bound by this cycle of tine in celebration and remembrance. In the chaos of my life as I moved from place to place the only stability was the Jewish cycle of time because the six thousand years of creation are coming to an end in 222 years—we are the conclusion, prior to the Thousand Years of Woman and of Peace. The coming revolution will light the way the end of the six thousand year male creation now melding with the final thousand years of pure, unadulterated pleasure.

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