A Strange Thing Happened

June 25, 2018

The strangest thing happened last week. I was stressing out about where I going to move to; I have to leave by the end of the month because Daniel my landlord is moving in—so I have to make way. But, he is a very nice man and called to see how I was doing with my search. He had seen an ad on Craig’s list and suggested I call her up, so I did. He said he actually knew this person and the house. Now here is the strange part. I call her and she seemed very open to me and encouraging, so I told here I was 73 years old. She laughed and said, “Do you think I discriminate?”  So I told her I smoke herb and she said, “No problem there.” Then, she said, “I know you.” I was surprised. “you were reading Tarot cards at my friend's rug shop thirty miles away in Torrence the other night and I was there taking photographs. I even had a few photos of you. 


In the end, I gave her a check and I will move in on the first to Silver Lake, one of the more trendy areas of LA. with this young women who would rather share her home with a man than a woman. She is a Jewish independent thinker who is as excited to live with me as I am to live with her. For decades I have been either living alone or with people who didn’t entirely like me and my Jewish practices. This is obviously such a God-send. Since coming to LA the world has opened up to me, seeing to my needs and showing me direction. I will not be far from the actual Silver Lake just up the street. I feel humbled, as if I won a prize. I texted her later, I intend to live with her in peace and respect. She texted back, she thought that we sweet. Later, I thought, that was really stupid of me, but so what.


I am finishing up a 200,000 word novel that should be done by end of the summer. The novel traces the sexual evolution of a number of intertwined couples. I had written it over a few years but then had to let it go because the ending was not clear to me; I did not see how all the stories could come together creating unity and conclusion—so I let the novel go and focused on other projects, like how to keep myself alive in a hostile environment. Writing can shield a person from the harsh realities of the world but you have to come up for air at some point and the experience is always startling. But, since coming to Los Angeles, City of Angels, life for me has been like walking on the clouds in Heaven. 


Also, I have a serious student who want to explore her Jewish roots through the Torah. The beginning is to learn the names of the 22 Hebrew letters, then she will be able to read the Torah. I have done this for numerous people, I love doing this.

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