The Devouring and the Prolific

July 15, 2018

I hosted my first party last week. Rachel my roommate invited some of her friends she thought might be interested in my ideas. It is my contention, to be creative necessitates revolutionary ideas. Revolution was the theme for the night. People do not speak in terms of revolution, there seems no point but they are wrong. Our country came into existence through revolution and the founding fathers were adamant, revolution is the safeguard to democracy. Since the revolution was won with guns, therefore guns are a symbol of freedom. If there was a peaceful revolution without guns, then guns would no longer be privileged. 


I keep meeting new people and seeing others who I have met previously. One of the new people I met is a young woman, just turned thirty, from Norway. I remembered Norway was recently voted the happiest place in the world, so my question was, why did you leave Norway to come here? She explained, true Norway is peaceful and happy, but is also placid, a level ground without any hills or valleys, which is not true of the beautiful mountainous terrain of the their country. She says, she likes America for the creativity and the opportunity to live on the edge. 


All creative people live on the edge; security deadens the spirit producing complacency—falling brings the creative person closer to the ground, suddenly, with a crash and everything changes. Stage fright results from a fear of falling, from the fear of knowing that falling and failure leads to success. Those rooted firmly in the ground or the firmament, have a hard time falling. These two aspects of the human being, collaborate to form society. 


The poet William Blake wrote, Thus one portion of being is the prolific, the other, the devouring; to the devourer it seems as if the producer was in his chains, but it is not so, he only takes a portion of existence and facies that whole; but the prolific would cease to be prolific unless the devourer as a sea receives the excess of his delights…These two classes of men are always upon earth and they should be enemies; whoever tries to reconcile them seeks to destroy the existence.


Being around creative people is a constantly changing panorama of ever-shifting color and sounds mixed with alcohol and herb, laughter and excitement of sudden inspiration, beautiful woman and passionate men—this cauldron of creativity goes until late night and some sleep over. I was praying the next morning with the songs of the birds whistling above my head, raising my voice, I felt as if included in the chorus of life. Creativity precipitates revolution, giving a wider expanse to mind, emotions and actions. Normality enacts the inevitable chains trying to hold back the natural inertia of life, to go forward and create.


The Creator is creative in creating creation engraved into the Singularity producing shards of stars shinning down upon us, the dew of life. God holds the pen, the book is written in Heaven but we are the story, down here where there is freedom of choice.

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