A Dog's Tale

August 12, 2018

I spent five years after I got out of the navy in 1965, hitch-hiking around America, Canada and Europe; it was perhaps from this experience where I picked up my fear of dogs. I have always been a walker, so when the traffic was sparse or just the day was beautiful I would walk along the road singing whatever Bob Dylan songs I could remember and then, out of nowhere, comes this charging wild beast with fangs exposed—the dog. Sometimes there were two or three of them yapping away, nipping at my feet, chasing me beyond the invisible boundary only they can see.


Some people know how to be tough with a dog but not me, like everything else on the road I took the passive approach—standing in stillness. I would try to talk to the thing but knowing he was protecting the property of the owner, I sometimes tried to reason with the beast, I am just passing through, I would say and slowly move forward while the thing either trailed me at an uncomfortable distance or lurked in the shadows waiting to attack. There were also some childhood events making me more than tentative about dogs. So, I was nervous when my roommate Rachel announced she had an obligation to this dog.


Even more, the dog suffered from past trauma making him skittish around strangers. So we were both pretty skittish around each other and before long the dog had taken a real liking to me and in no time had won me over to his side. He likes to be around me and often hangs out with me while I pray in the morning and then sits at my side while I write, after prayer. Louie, that’s his name, has one problem, he needs to be held back from aggressively attacking another dog while on a leash. I don’t take him on walks and I don’t pick up his shit—other than that, we are friends. 


In Heaven there are angels, entities and souls; they all have one thing in common, they live in their source—angels are represented on the Earth as fish and birds; entities are represented by animals who walk upon the land—souls are human beings who are able to articulate speech into words. I have come to the conclusion, having a relationship with an animal is like having a relationship with a spiritual entity whereas angels are messengers from the Creator; angels do not have permanent names or memory but entities do—however, the human soul invested in a physical body towers above the other two levels.


Angels do not have freedom of choice; animals are very limited, a product of their environment—only the human being is truly free. Freedom can not be bought with money or influence; true freedom is only found in the heart, which is connected to the Creator as inspired by the meditations of the mind, resulting in all the life in the world being lifted closer to Creator through our interactions with the animal.



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