Moving On

September 3, 2018

I have just given Rachel notice. I am leaving the end of the month for Hollywood where a can get a modest studio for hundreds less. Many things that seem possible did not materialize but it is just part of the meandering life taking a circuitous  route through the different areas of North East LA. Frankly, it is too rich and too boring. They say, the curse of the rich is to have to live amongst the rich. I am living in the curse and I am not even close to rich. But, as a writer, all experiences are valuable and people are good and bad everywhere, but rich is just so boring. It’s a problem when you can buy your reality. When I go to Hollywood, people talk to me, which is nice because I like to watch things happen and its nice when the people you are watching invite you in. 


I have been fixated on the news, watching the noose tighten around the neck of the president with a macabre pleasure saved for tyrants and traitors; I would not be surprised if he took a trip to Russia and stayed there—good ridden to bad rubbish. But, it is fascinating how the prosecutors are revealing the story day by day, letting the media piece the unsaid story together while the people watch the unfolding bizarre drama of our time. How a master manipulator has managed to become president and try to destroy the country and our alliances for some unknown agenda. Backed blindly by twenty percent of population, he was able convince enough of the rest who could not stand the alternative. No one knows what is going to be in this great experiment called America because none of this had ever occurred before.


Those who stand with the despots are themselves despots hungry after money and power. A mystic once said, If God put all the bad in the world inside of a book and then put all the good visible for all to see, then no one would do wrong. But life is not really about right and wrong but rather what worth one has achieved by turning wrong into merit; it is not impossible to turn wrong right, but to gain merit is much easier—ultimately, past bad actions can bring about proper right actions. The acknowledgement of doing bad helps us to do better in the future. The same is true for a country, bad can be turned to good; a country is judged by God according to the majority—the overwhelming majority of Americans are unquestionably good. 


Some are deluded, some are blinded by money but because we come from all parts of the world we can not help but to be good. Just as there are no parts of the body which are bad, similarly there are no bad parts of the world nor bad human beings who are grown from those places—the world is beautiful and the people living upon the world are equally good.  

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