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November 4, 2018

Thursday night, I attended an event in Hollywood, at the Warner Bros. Studio for veterans; I was hoping to meet someone who might be interested in my work but I did not. For the first hour, everyone stood around and talked though most did not know one another. Someone with a weird looking long grey uniform approached me, he was from the Salvation Army. I asked him if the Salvation Army was a Christian organization and after a long explanation I finally said, Well I am Jewish and turned to walked away when to responded, So am I. I went back and tried to convince him to explore his beautiful Jewish heritage but he was adamant about being a Christian. 


After that, I left the party and was on my way outside to smoke a joint when I ran into the bar where the 49ers were playing on large screen tv. So I sat down and had a Perrier Water and watched the game. When the program began, I went to hear them congratulate each other and all they had accomplished but I found it strange that afterwards the dignitaries stood around, took pictures and and talked amongst themselves. Even stranger, I was probably the oldest person there and nobody would give me a chair. I even stood by an empty chair a man rested his foot on maintaining the chair was taken; for the entire hour no one came to claim their place.


Perhaps the problem was my manner of dress. This was billed as an arts party so I put on my finest and most colorful threads but everyone else was dressed in black and pretended they did not see me. I did manage to speak to one of the people receiving awards and he assured me no one their would be interested in my work, so I left. I did find out some information that was useful and did get to watched part of the game and eat some fried zucchini. I am not deflated at all, I feel my time has come and God is helping me. I feel like the rocks in Joshua Tree struggling for the light of day surrounded by the song of Hallelujah.


Next week I am planning to begin book three in the trilogy I am writing. Beginnings are exciting and I am excited for this new book. I pride myself on writing stories no one has ever conceive. Art should surprise. Breaking new boundaries, thinking beyond the box is the obligation of the artist. There are two parts to writing, first to know the skill and understanding the art of writing and then there is the actual written word flowing from the soul, longing to be revealed in a corporeal world. There have been many prophets who never received prophesy; there were great athletes who never found their sport and there have been many who can write but few who can connect there writing to their soul.

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