Sex as a Metaphor to History

September 5, 2020

The Sun is going down on the Shabbat and this is my last minute post. I finished the the first edit of my book Sex as a Metaphor to History—Trump, 777 and the Thousand Years of Woman and I am very impressed. I need to go through it one more time before submitting the book for publication. The process is quite quick and easy. While I was sitting and writing, I was overwhelmed with what I was reading. It was then, I realized: it is better to be the movie than to be in the movie. Movies, which we all love, are not as romantic and fabulous to make as the movie portrays; but life is a movie—sitting and watching myself write like a specter over my shoulder.


I hope and believe this book will make a big splash in the pool of thinking, maybe even get someone wet. I don’t know I can only do the work. For 24 hours I will rest, then I will back at it, weeded out prepositions, shortening my sentences, seeking clarity and a whole bunch of other weeds cluttering my writing. Polishing comes later. Guess what, today is, September 4-2020. See ya on the other side. 



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