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August 9, 2017

Spiritual expression is best kept unique to be genuine. And though my course Kabbalistic Tarot, based on my book of the same name, is a structured method, nonetheless, there is ample room to be unique.


Visit to preview my course, Kabbalistic Tarot: Learn to Read Tarot Cards.


Designed for beginners and experienced readers alike, this online workshop will take you through a journey to understand the Kabbalistic symbolism of these ancient cards, and how to perform successful readings for yourself and others.


Each human body is unique, as witnessed by the fingerprint, yet the form of the human body is ubiquitous throughout the globe because the Tree of Life is depicted in each person. The triangulation of life is portrayed through the human form as: the head, the torso and arms, the third triangle is the sex and the legs—the tenth is the lips of the mouth.  


I discovered this knowledge at the age of 26, the gematria equivalent of God’s Four Letter Name—YHVH—but not until I was fifty did I connect the mystical secrets of the Torah to the Tarot; and in doing so, I opened up a whole new way of expression from the ancient times. In my book Kabbalistic Tarot, I explain how the tradition of the Tarot came out of the Greek occupation of Israel 2400 years ago by Alexander the Great. The playing of the Dreidel is a hint to those tumultuous times when the Jewish People were forbade to study the Torah and turned instead to the Tarot as a way of clandestine communications.


In this workshop, you will learn many things, but it is all based on the simple symmetry of the human body. Watch the introduction to this course to learn more about how nature, ideas, and the universe are depicted in the tarot cards:



My understanding of the Tarot is informed by my study in the Torah (Hebraic Teachings) and after twenty years performing Tarot reading I decided to make this online course so the uninitiated could understand the essential building blocks of life. I completed the course during a week long visit at a friend’s house in Spokane, Washington and later put it up on Udemy where it has garnered praise. I am a teacher at heart, and this course allows me to share deep knowledge from the Torah to help explain the Tarot to people far away from Jewish traditions.


Here are a few of the nice things my students have said about my tarot reading course:


"Great course, really helped me to connect to the tarot in an new way that makes readings easier. Loved the tutor too. Highly recommend." ~Janet


"Great course! The teacher's approach makes the subject easy to understand. His explanations are clear. There is a good balance between theory and practice." ~Chris


"The instructor knows a lot about kabbalah and really knows how to share that real deep level of wisdom that the Tarot can show us. Dovid has that kind of knowledge that is much hard to find elsewhere. This workshop on Kabbalistic Tarot is really helping on my efforts to understand the mystery of Tarot... Thanks, Dovid!!" ~Pablo


The Tarot, like the Torah, refuses to be defined because of the many levels of life involved in the study and the teaching of Torah. For me, it has been almost a fifty year process: studying the knowledge, adapting the knowledge to the Tarot, practicing the Tarot for decades before committed this knowledge to both a book and an online course. Of course the hardest part is getting students, but I already have 50 students and everyone seems to be getting something good out of the teachings. Writing is a long and lonely process but those of us who love writing also love the long and the lonely.


Yet, I am happy and proud to bring my work to the world on platforms that give me a greater visibility. The work of a writer is to write but the reward of a writer is to be read.


The Kabbalistic Tarot course on Udemy includes lifetime access on desktop, mobile, and TV to 4 hours on-demand video, 9 Articles, and a Certificate of Completion. I also offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. 


Here is where you can sign up:


Thank you for your interest. I use the Rider-Waite deck for this class, but any deck will work with this system.If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at

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